Sunday, September 17, 2023

 Partially Effective was born in Newark, NJ, and is also known as PE Production Team. PE is a New Jersey-based media team that provides original media content and media services for various events, artists, and purposes. The name "Partially Effective" was founded by bc2tone (Joseph) through his experiences with the teacher rating system in New Jersey. bc2tone considers "Partially Effective" an ironic title that captures the highs and lows of life, as do all forms of media.

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Partially Effective creates "in-house" content through live show collaborations, music, music videos, short films, podcasts, documentaries, photos, merchandise, and graphic design/artwork. Collaborations are done with various artists, music artists, and producers from the NJ/NYC area and around the world. The goal is to create and collaborate as a team and to deliver superb services to clients who may need videography, photography, music production, and promotion.

  Partially Effective  was born in  Newark, NJ,  and is also known as   PE Production Team. PE  is a New Jersey-based media team that provid...